We are excited to announce Marie Olson as the 2023-24 President of the Eagan Kick-Start Rotary Club!


Marie currently lives in Eagan, MN but is from Northern Wisconsin. Prior to living in Eagan, she received her undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, then continued on to live in Maryland for five years to pursue her Masters in Business Administration at the University of Maryland. Marie settled in Eagan 20 years ago and has been an integral part of the community ever since. Her professional expertise lies in the realm of sales, marketing, and the digital customer experience, particularly within the government market. 

Marie has been employed at Thomson Reuters for 19 years and now as a Senior Manager. Her current role is a part of the digital strategy uncovering new and more efficient ways to serve customers.

Outside of work, Marie enjoys spending time with her family, playing music, hiking with her dog Rico, and staying active in her community. 

Marie has 2 kids, her son Kai recently graduated from University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, with a degree in Materials Science and Engineering. Marie’s daughter, Hanna is now a Junior at the University of Minnesota pursuing Acting in a partnership program with the Guthrie Theatre. 

Marie has always had a passion for volunteering and giving back to her community. As a dedicated member of the Inver Hills Community Band the last 20 years, Marie has found joy in sharing her musical talents through concerts and performances. Although, her commitment to service goes beyond music. A lot of her inspiration comes from her kid’s involvement in scouting organizations and the positive impact they had on their development. Through her involvement with Eagan's July 4th Funfest and their Ambassador Scholarship Program, Marie has discovered the power of connections and the great effects they can have on both the individuals and the community. This annual festival takes place on July 3rd and 4th, bringing the community together for a fun celebration. The Ambassador Scholarship Program provides leadership skills and volunteer opportunities for the youth in our community. When Marie's daughter was an Ambassador, she saw how it helped her develop confidence and public speaking. Marie has now been a part of the group for 8 years, serving, and now leads it. Through her continued participation, she not only supports the youth in their personal and professional growth but also leads by example, sharing her own experiences and insights. 

Marie has been a passionate advocate for Eagan Rotary Club for the last year and a half. With a clear focus on membership growth, organizational clarity, and driving awareness, Marie is determined to revitalize the club’s mission and keep the momentum going. Marie recognizes the importance of both gaining new members and providing value to existing ones. Taking a proactive approach, she is excited to work on the creation of a membership committee aimed at exploring innovative strategies to grow and engage the club’s current membership base. Marie believes that the club can thrive and attract new individuals who are passionate about service. One of Marie’s key goals is to maintain the club’s commitment to service projects. Recognizing the importance of regular engagement, she advocates for the club to undertake at least one service project every month. By consistently contributing to the community through impactful initiatives, the club can make a tangible difference in individuals. Marie envisions exploring additional avenues for publicity, such as local media coverage, social media, and community events. Marie believes that it is essential for the club to take a step back and define its identity and purpose by revisiting the club’s by-laws and clarifying roles and responsibilities. Members will have a more clear understanding of how they can actively contribute to the club’s mission. 

Marie’s passion for service and commitment to Rotary have made her a valuable asset to the club. Through her focus on membership growth, community projects, and driving awareness, Marie is excited to bring energy and ensure its long-term success for years to come!