Career Coach
May 28, 2020
Howie Milstein
Career Coach

Howie Milstein brings a non-traditional background to his work as a Career Coach with Launchpad. As the Twin Cities’ first personal trainer in the early 1980s, he observed that existing paradigms for motivation didn’t resonate with his clients or himself. These insights led Howie to a lifelong curiosity about the motivations that compel people to do what they do.

To Howie business is personal; he promotes the job search process as one that can result in authentic relationships, not merely a process by which employment is secured. Howie fundamentally believes that the best answers reside in the mind of the individual, and he toils relentlessly to help people do their best thinking.

Howie and his wife live in Plymouth and have three adult children. Howie is addicted to entrepreneurism and new ideas, which drives his wife and friends crazy.