Eagan Theater Company
Oct 05, 2017
Austin Ballhagen/Ken Coy
Eagan Theater Company

Overview of Eagan Theater Company and its upcoming production of Shrapnel in the Heart by Laura Palmer.
Shrapnel in the Heart is an adaptation of letters, stories and poems left at "the Wall" in Washington, DC.
"For the first time, one book gives voice to the haunting, painful, tender, and healing tales of those who lost so much in America's least popular war".
-- Barnes and Noble Book Review
 "A moving, touching, generous book that helps restore humanity to a generation of young Americans who were depersonalized and dehumanized by the political passions of an unpopular war. Read it and weep."
-- Ted Koppel

Tickets will go on sale in mid-September.
November 9-11, 2017
Advent United Methodist Church
3945 Lexington Ave S
Eagan MN 55123