Michael Angelo Caruso teaches leaders and salespeople how to be better at what they do.  He's a valued communication consultant to companies and organizations all over the world. Michael has delivered over 2000 presentations and keynote speeches on five continents and in 49 of the 50 states. He's an internationally recognized expert on the subjects of leadership, selling and improved customer service.
Leading is much easier when you learn:

  • Why money does not motivate most people
  • Two things that motivate people almost every time
  • 5 Cool Ideas for dealing with under-performers
  • Why most job descriptions are de-motivating
  • The #1 thing workers want (but don’t get) from managers
  • How to deal with the 4 most diffiicult personalities
  • Strategies for dealing with negativity
  • 5 ways to instantly improve your presentation skills
  • How to never be the bad guy again
  • The 15 most powerful words

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