Greeter Schedule
January 26 Mike Supina
February 2 Luther Wynder
February 9 Andrew Pimental
February 16 Julie Andersen
Inspiration Schedule
February 16 Cathy McCoy
February 23 Barry Minsker
March 2 Greg Oxley
March 9 Doreen Runquist
Weekly Checklist
•Invite a guest to a meeting
•If you have an article to publish in our newsletter, write something and send a small photo to
Upcoming Events
Board of Directors meeting
Ze's Diner
Feb 28, 2017
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
President Elect Training
Mar 09, 2017 – Mar 11, 2017
Board of Directors meeting
Ze's Diner
Mar 28, 2017
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Member Birthdays
Catherine McCoy
February 3
Gary Hansen
February 11
Andrew Pimental
February 18
Luther Wynder
February 24
Jerri Neddermeyer
March 23
Executives & Directors
President Elect
Past President
Sergeant At Arms
Feb 23, 2017
Flying a DC 10 over the Atlantic on 9/11 and figuring out where to land
Mar 02, 2017
Art Works Eagan
Mar 23, 2017
Apr 13, 2017
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Mentor a New Rotarian
Dear friends,
As we grow, new members will be joining our ranks and we need seasoned members to help get them settled and keep them involved.  Please consider volunteering to mentor a new Rotarian and build one-to-one relationships with other members of our club.  You could meet outside of Rotary if that would help, or just check in through email.  As we develop a mentor program, we welcome your ideas for how to fold new members in to active service.   If you are interested, please talk with Mike Ferber.
With joy on the journey,
EK-S Rotary Board of Directors
January Social: Mystery Art Night


Our January social was held at the Eagan Art House.  We worked on a clay mosaic project that we can donate to the Eagan Rotary Gala Fundraiser.  We cut clay, used colored clay to create surface decoration, and tried a technique called mocha diffusion to create little tree patterns on tiles.
The clay will dry, be fired the first time in the kiln, and then glazed and fired for the final time.  Finished tiles will be added to the project and grouted in place to create a whole pattern.  In all, there were 12 participants with Rotarians and guest.  We look forward to more socials to get us all out of our comfort zones and learn new things with great friends!
The Eagan Art House has monthly "Mystery Art Nights" for adults.  You can register for Eagan Art House classes through Eagan Park and Recreation Department.  Try something new every month and get involved in the art community.  There are classes for every age group in a wide variety of creative media.
Souper Drive Update
Thanks to all who have brought soup for the drive to benefit The Open Door Food Pantry!  In week one, EK-S Rotary donated 43 pounds of soup, and in week two, combined donations from both Eagan Rotary clubs brought in more than 50 additional pounds of soup.  We have TWO more meetings to complete the drive.  Challenge yourself and your network to flex their SOUPER muscles and bring more soup.
There is a special this week at Hy-Vee with tomato and chicken noodle soup for 29 CENTS per can!
Two more weeks to be SOUPER!
More Opportunities to Support the Super Bagging Event Feb 4-5


Way to go, Kick-Starters!  The sign-up list for the Super Bagging Event on Saturday, February 4 the super bagging at the Cub Location on Diffley event is full!  Soooooo, Mike Supina started a new slot to volunteer on Sunday, February 5, 2017, 12-2pm at the Cub Location on Cliff Lake Road.  If you are available, sign-up for more bagging online here.  Hang out with Mike at that time or volunteer for another slot available.
Sign up for a Shift to End Hunger in Our Community


Sign up for a shift at the Cub store on Diffley from 1 to 3 on Saturday Feb 4.  We need at least 10 volunteers.  You can pickup a 1 or 2 hours shift to help bag groceries.  All donations will go to The Open Door.  See Jason for sign up times.
SoupPerBowl Drive: Help TOD suit up for the big game
Coming Soon!  Keep your eyes open!  Starting in January, Eagan Kick-Start Rotary will be helping The Open Door gear up for the big game!  It will be simple, it will be easy, an it will impact so many people!  
Your SOUPER mission, should you choose to accept:
1.  You can put out a box with a SOUPER flyer at your work place (yes, the flyer will be wonderful and soon as I make it)
2.  You can bring the box and its SOUPER contents to Rotary meeting weekly and load it into a car for transport.
3.  You can take your box back to the work place for more SOUPER refills.
4.  You can sign-up to bag groceries at a participating CUB foods to support this SOUPER organization: The Open Door.
5.  You can sign-up SOUPER friends and network of SOUPER groups outside of SOUPER Kick-Start Rotary to help get this done for the SOUPER needy in our own SOUPER community.
More details to come!  Be ready!
Support Eagan Community by Dressing Up and Showing Up!


Thirteenth Annual Eagan Rotary Gala
Be prepared to get your ticket from our very own frequent flying "visitor" Scott Swenson!  He is bringing tickets for the Gala to the meeting on January 5, and you can get yours on the spot!
The Gala starts at 6:00 on February 4th at the Eagan Community Center.  Put on your fancy clothes and have fun knowing the funds raised support Eagan Rotary Community Grants.
Mid Term Assembly Meeting on January 28th
Make plans now to attend the upcoming District Mid Term meeting on a Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017 at Earle Brown Center in Brooklyn Park.  Attending the District meetings with other Rotary members from across the metro is a great way to learn more about Rotary and the projects that are going on.  Our club would like to see 10 members attend the meeting.  The cost is free and includes lunch.  Look for more details in an upcoming newsletter
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