Jun 15, 2023
Shauna and Bryan Joas
Author of The Long Way Home

Bryan Joas was an active forty-five year old man, with a wife and two children. He had been biking and racing since he was sixteen. On March 8, 2016, with predicted highs in the mid-sixties, Bryan had ridden his bike to work with the intention of taking the long way home to get in some training miles. About twenty-six miles into the ride home, he was struck from behind by a vehicle which fled the scene. Good samaritans found him. Authorities were notified and they determined Bryan needed to be airlifted to the Level I Trauma Center at North Memorial Health Hospital. His wife, Shauna, and their two children were at home finishing dinner and preparing for bed, when there was a knock on the door. They were shocked with the news that the police officers delivered in person.

This book is a graphic yet poignant memoir of Bryan's traumatic accident and his subsequent recovery journey as recounted by his wife. She details not only the journey of Bryan, but how she survived during this major upheaval in her family's life.